Re: A plea for better documents in next SVG 1.1 iteration

On Sat, 20 Apr 2002, wrote:

> I would like to make a request for a better range of documents to be made 
> available in the next iteration of the SVG 1.1 spec.

The next release of SVG 1.1 will include a zipped HTML version
and (most probably) a PDF version. 
I also apologise for the lack of these in the current last
call draft. I sincerely hope it didn't put you and others completely
off reviewing the document.

> Having only fragmented (X)HTML docs in a Last Call WD is far from 
> satisfactory. 

OK, I can tell you're not happy, but we only ever produce
one normative version of the specification: the HTML.
While that may not satisfy you, I don't think it is "far from 
satisfactory" in general. However, I understand your point
and will thus provide as much as I can in the next release.

> Why wasn't the Last Call WD delayed for a day so that a large 
> single (X)HTML file, a zipped file and a PDF option could be made available?

It was quite important to release on that particular day. 
I just ran out of time producing the two extra versions.
The PDF in particular can take a fair bit of work to
get right (this is why I say "most probably" above - the number
one priority is the HTML by chapter version)

Are you sure you want a single *huge* HTML file? Why is that
more use than a fragmented one (apart from printing, in
which case you could use the PDF, if it exists!). 

> The PDF in particular is invaluable for cross checking parts of the spec.

Yes, but remember we don't guarantee the PDF version to be exactly


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