Re: 1.2 feature request.

On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, wrote:

> Outline:
>   The ability to draw to parallel lines/curves, as might be found on a
> street plan.
>   with a straight line a simple offset is fine. 
>   This doesn't work with, for example circles, where 'parallel' could
>   be de defined as two concentric circles. For a winding street,
>   equally an offset with a fixed value would not suffice.
> I don't believe this is available in 1.0/1.1
> (unless you know different :-)

It isn't available and is a good request.
I have a feeling that this would be considered a 2.0 feature
not a 1.2 feature. Watch this space!

> Prior use:
>   Autocad has the ability to select an line, set the offset and side,
>   and then create a copy 'parallel' to the first.
> Use case:
>  Drawing a street map, where the lines are seperated by a few millimetres.
> Regards DaveP
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