RE: view element

Chris wrote:
> DP> that should work please,
> It will work in a conformant viewer.

AFAIK view isn't implemented in Adobe vsn 3.
Using batik, from first url above,
Is the behaviour compliant?
I.e. circle and ellipse fill the 'screen' ?
 the polygon appears not work as described.

> DP> the semantics of the element,
> See
>   If the SVG fragment identifier addresses a 'view' element within an
>   SVG document (e.g., MyDrawing.svg#MyView or
>   MyDrawing.svg#xpointer(id('MyView'))) then the closest ancestor
>   'svg' element is displayed in the viewport.

so its not what I expected. I believed it to be a 'highlight' function,
rather than a 'replace' type of function, as perhaps the polygon 
should behave? I.e. somehow highlight visually the identified element.
  Could I use a g wrapper and then use its id value (which is perhaps 
what is used in the polygon example?) in the same manner as using a 
<use xlink:href='#ident' .../> form?

> I agree the documentation on this attribute is a little terse; we
> should add more explanation and an example for SVG 1.1.
> See the fourth subtest in linking-view-BE-04.svg which uses a
> viewTarget. Its value is the ID of an element to be displayed;

Is that the green polygon?

thanks Chris.

Regards DaveP


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