Re: overflow: scroll (Trying again)

I've read the specs (I think), but I don't see they mention that "overflow:
scroll" creates a scrollbar. Can someone confirm that scrollbars can't be
accomplished in an svg document (according to the specs), as opposed to in
html documents?


Sigurd Lerstad

> Hello Sigurd,
> According to the W3C's SVG specification (The September 04 2001
> recommendation), there are many circumstances in which the overflow CSS
> property has no effect. It only works on elements that establish a new
> viewport, like svg-elements (I'm referring to the elements with the tag
> <svg>, and I assume you mean those as well. This name is quite
> on pattern- and marker-elements. It won't work on the outermost
> svg-element, the root element of your SVG-document. A clipping path in the
> shape of a rectangle will be created if the overflow property will be set
> to 'scroll' or 'hidden'. You can read more about this in the above
> mentioned SVG specification, in paragraph 14.3.3.
> I don't know how Adobe has implemented the overflow property or how the
> scroll value will work. I only know that it has been implemented in
> SVG Viewer since version 1.0. (According to the PDF-document you can
> download along with the viewer.) To me, it won't make much sense if
> scrollbars will appear next to pattern- or marker-elements. I don't know
> about any new viewports, since I haven't tested this out yet.
> With regards,
> Frank Steggink
> On Saturday, September 22, 2001 15:52, Sigurd Lerstad
> [] wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Is adding a "overflow: scroll" in style on svg element supposed to add a
> > scrollbar? I can't get it to do that
> > in Adobe SVG 2.0
> >
> > thanks,
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> > Sigurd Lerstad
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