Re: svg and xslt

The good news: in XSLT, you can set the mime type of your output. This 
means that you can generate an svg file through xslt on the client side; by 
generating the right mime type, it should work.

The bad news: last time I checked (which was about a year ago, though...) 
IE5 does not understand this generated mime type, so it does not work ;-(. 
I have not tested this with IE6, though


At 13:22 19-09-01, wrote:
>Is there any way to send an xml and xsl file to the Internet Explorer and
>let IE generate the svg and display it with Adobe svg viewer ? The examples
>I found on the web make this transformation on the server, before the response
>is send to the client, but I would like IE to do this transformation. I
>can not find a way to tell IE to display the result as image/svg instead
>of html.
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