SVG MIME Type Registration


   The SVG 1.0 Recommendations requires conforming applications to
support the MIME type image/svg+xml. Section 1.2 states, the SVG WG
will register this MIME type when SVG 1.0 is approved as recommendation.
This already happend, but I still don't see any Internet-Draft or any
other draft document for this MIME type. MIME Type registrations have to
go through the IETF standards track, a very slow process most of the
time. Not having a proper MIME type hinders me to use SVG on the Web and
even If I use the unregistered MIME Type image/svg+xml or even implement
this MIME type in applications, I have no guarantee that this MIME type
will be accepted by relevant standards bodies. So, what did I miss? I
strongly encourage the WG to start registration of this MIME type very

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Received on Tuesday, 18 September 2001 10:38:58 UTC