RE: changing the level of detail depending on the level of zoom (or s cale)

I wonder if there's some establishable way of setting up multiple but preset
viewport situations, like a television studio camera's 'shot-box' as part of
a particular svg presentation? The shot box is basically a box with about 4
buttons on, and each sets the camera zoom to a predefined range, to prevent
any messy faffing about in an actual broadcast. Perhaps using some form of
sequencing, and indexing, events can be made to alter the viewports from a
list of choices (some of which would have show/hide effects on certain
predefined groups, to keep all the furniture out of the way in certain
zooms). This is sort of like animation sequencing, except there's no time
element, and things aren't moving. So I suppose it's not really.

Ian Tindale

Received on Wednesday, 30 May 2001 01:55:15 UTC