SVG Patent Problem?

I'm suprised that I did not get any responses from my SVG/Adobe patent 
question I posted a few days back.  Since that time I have implemented a 
small test SVG effect renderer and am now convinced that it would be very 
hard to do without stepping on this patent.  When it gets down to it, the 
patent says that when you blend two things together into a temporary buffer 
and then apply an effect, you are using the patented invention.  Seems 
pretty darn hard not to do, eh?  Especially considering that the SVG spec 
indicates doing this very thing.

I was hoping that the SVG group had the same agreement in place that JEDEC 
does, where the members agree to freely license any IP that they have used 
in a JEDEC spec (can you say RAMBUS)

Anyway, does anyone know about this?  Please let me know if you have any 
information at all about this.



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Received on Thursday, 24 May 2001 16:25:20 UTC