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The Apache Batik team is very happy to announce that Batik 1.0 
is released:

Batik 1.0 supports most of the static SVG features and fully 
supports linking in addition. Furthermore, Batik 1.0 supports a 
first level of scripting.

Since the first beta release in December 2000, many features have been
added or completed. Here are a few highlights on the new features:

+ Full filter effects support: lighting filters, drop shadows, 
  displacement effects and more.

+ Full text support: Batik 1.0 supports embedded and external SVG 
  Fonts, international text, vertical text and other fancy text
  features such as text on a path.

+ Full linking support: with SVG and Batik, you can navigate and
  link images just like you do with HTML pages. This is a powerful
  tool for building dynamic applications with SVG.

+ Full support for structural elements such as internal and external
  use/defs and switch elements. This is a important feature to organize
  your SVG content efficiently.

+ Performance improvements with major work in the rendering engine
  and the SVG processor engine.

+ Improved SVG generator (an API for exporting SVG from Java technology
  applications) which now offers more control over the output SVG

+ Improved SVG rasterizer (a tool to convert SVG images to raster 
  formats such as JPEG, PNG or TIFF).

+ Multiple contributions, such as format converters (WMF to SVG and 
  True Type Font to SVG Font) or tools to generate SVG charts.

Here are some important Batik resources: 

+ get an on-line demo of the new software at:

+ download the new software at:

+ post questions about the Batik project on the Batik mailing lists:

+ request extensions or report problems at:

We hope you will enjoy this new release of the Apache Batik software.
Best regards.
The Batik Team.

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