Re: <timesheets>separating svg data from presentation


I guess there are different concepts being developed and discussed.

What I would like to use are animationsheets:
place all animations (or all animations that apply to more than one SVG)
in one file (just like CSS), and have centralized remote control over
the animations on a collection of SVGs, for example a whole site.
In combination with XPath and XPointer for addressing multiple targets,
a lot of otherwise redundant code could be saved, and global changes
could be realized more effectively.


Mjumbe Ukweli schrieb:
> i'm kind of confused about these "timesheet" things too.  what exactly would
> be on them?  would they be something like SMIL?  please excuse my ignorance
> on the subject.  whatever they are though they certainly sound intriguing.
> ><Patrick>
> >On a related note, in the world of timing and animation, some of us are
> >discussing the development of "timesheets", which would pull all timing
> >(and perhaps animation) out of the document that declares content. Since
> >timing and animation often operate on and interact with styling, we
> >separate timing from styling.
> ></Patrick>
> >
> >I "timesheets" is a great idea.....seperates content from presentation.
> >That's if you consider time to be something separate from content...
> >I think the Lorenz transformation equations and Einstien have something
> >to say about this :-)
> >
> >just to make sure we are thinking the same mean like
> >stylesheets.....except
> >instead of style properties....timing
> >
> >the name "timesheets" is good......
> >Robert A. DiBlasi
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Tobias Reif

Received on Friday, 11 May 2001 16:53:52 UTC