DOM Views


I'm writing an SVG Viewer/Editor and I'm trying to implement the DOM, I'm having some problems getting the logic with some of the interfaces, The specs say that a document (SVG for example) can have one or more views, but the SVGSVGElement extends the css::ViewCSS which is inherited from AbstractView, that doesn't make any sense to me, this leads me to believe that a SVG document must and can only have 1 view, and it seems generally odd to implement a view on the SVGSVGElement ??

Another implementing question, which is the better (?) solution?

Keep at all times a list of all the computed style properties on each element? con: memory consuming? pro: fast and easy to implement getComputedStyle() (which returns a list of all the properties that the language (SVG) supports)

Compute the property on demand, con: slow and very slow to implement getComputedStyle.

thanks for any help,

Sigurd Lerstad

Received on Thursday, 3 May 2001 14:10:55 UTC