Re: Dynamic Rendering Order??


> not necessarily.  if 'z-index' were a factor in rendering then it would
> simply not be the best choice for renderers to use the painters algorithm in
> the traditional way.  renderers could (and should) simply parse the document
> _completely_ before they do any rendering.  they would then know what the
> 'z-index' says is on top and what it says is on bottom before anything is
> drawn.

It's a decision for the developers of the language:

be concerned about progressive rendering -> use the painter's algorithm
be concerned about rendering speed -> don't use z-index
hope for *very* high bandwith -> parse all files (external CSSes etc)
before starting to render
hope for pretty fast machines -> feature z-index

Different combinations of the above make sense ;)
for example: 1+B, 2+A, A+B, 1+2(current state)


Received on Saturday, 30 June 2001 16:30:56 UTC