Re: question on spec

Ian Tindale wrote:
> I know that the Adobe viewer renders a sort of
> intermediate 'high enough' resolution bitmap with which to pump a printer to
> keep it busy when printing some SVG, but strictly speaking, if a printer
> were to recieve SVG which has been explicitly specified as being a certain
> amount of pixels wide and high, it should, strictly speaking, attempt to
> render a pointlessly small version on paper, 

No, it should not, strictly speaking.  This is why the definition of the
px unit is not 'one device pixel'

> Only my opinion, but the unit 'pixel' is one of the most pointless and yet
> overly confusing aspects of the design space yet to muddy the waters. It's
> an internalism. 

I suggest that you re-read the definition, and then see if you still
feel the same way.

In particular,

> > For reading at arm's length, 1px thus corresponds to about 0.28 mm 
> > (1/90 inch). When printed on a laser printer, meant for reading at 
> > a little less than arm's length (55 cm, 21 inches), 1px is about 
> > 0.21 mm. On a 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) printer, that may be rounded 
> > up to 3 dots (0.25 mm); on a 600 dpi printer, it can be rounded to 
> > 5 dots


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