Re: [Moderator Action] Index for SVG Recommendation

At 01:40 PM 6/7/01 -0500, Robert Diblasi wrote:
>Chris and Max,
>I am glad to see that the W3C is concerned with easy access to 
>information......I would like to suggest a format for  the index ...if I 
>maybe so bold (I'm sure it complete and just waiting to go...but that has 
>never stopped me from suggesting what I think is a importaint thought or 
>process....that may lead to understanding and easy of use!  :-)
>I think it would be nice to have :
>-index with everything on the same page (elements 
> DOM etc...)
>-seperate index for :
>I think that covers it....maybe someone would like add/subtract from this list

You'll get most of that in the final specification, but not always in the 
most friendly, useful, or consistent way. You know, none of us get royalty 
checks on the specification. Certainly, there will room in the marketplace 
for books which describe SVG in an easier-to-learn manner than the 

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor

>I think has a interesting example of how to set up a index 
>for  SVG
>just some thoughts....I will propose to  W3C
>thank you for responding
>We all learn when we share what we know
>Robert A. DiBlasi

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