Re: SVG Patent Licensiong

Dave J Woolley wrote:
> > From: Robert DiBlasi []
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> [DJW:]  This appears to have an internal conflict
> in that Adobe are listed as royalty free in the summary,
> but the later text seems to make this conditional on
> everyone else being royalty free, a condition that
> is not met.

In other words, if you do not claim royalties from them, they give a
royalty free license and thus the whole question of what patents they
have ansd whether they apply simply does not arise). What adobe also
said though was that if a company gives them a rand license, they give a
rand license back.

> Also, the links from the summary are to a closed part
> of the web site.

Yes. The original call for license terms and patent disclosures was W3C
Member only. Then there was, shall we say, a bunch of talking.

What you see further down the page is the final, eventual statement that
each company made, the one that actually applies.


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