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>...then a little light went on.....just an idea...mind you...but would
>it be possible to have an attribute that belongs to any element that
>creates a new viewport? I know there are rendering hints.....but may a
>presentation attribute that would state "painters-model", "z-index"
>or "mix" (combination of both painter algorithm and z-index)
>something like:
><svg width = "200" height= "200" paint-model = "z-index">
>Value:   painter | z-index | mixed
>Initial:   painter
>Applies to:   all elements that create a new viewport
>Inherited:   ?
>Percentages:   N/A
>Media:   visual
>Animatable:   yes
>I put a '?' on inherited because I thought of a dynamically generated
>document could add elements that would change the paint-model.....I
>guess that a developer chould check the attribute and change it if have
>changed the paint-model........
>this idea leads to a document that can use just z-index or a document
>that uses just the painter algorithm(default) or both in the same

that seems conceivable.  kinda like color, shape, text, and image rendering 
can be optimized to increase rendering speed so could z-order.

i might rather define values more along the lines of whether the renderer 
should render objects as it parses the SVG data or wait until the entire 
file is loaded before rendering (kind of like streaming audio or 

something to chew on though.


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