RE: [svg-developers] Re: donuts

Perhaps this is out of the scope of SVG, but here goes. 

Most really complex shapes can be expressed with some sort of Mathmatical
expression. Would it not be worth while to have some way to render a
mathmatical formula (constrained to 3 axis: x, y, t) that can be given
constraints. For your donut, you have con1 <= sqrt(x^2 + y^2) <= con2 (only
in a more useful form). This would allow complex, mathmatically well defined
shapes to be defined. you could also include parameters into the expression
and then allow the parameters and constraints to be animated. 

This could very well be a technical nightmare to implement but it seems
useful to me. Not all graphics are drawn but come from need to be generated
from some source. 

But it might be better for someone to build a graphical rendering engine for


Received on Tuesday, 30 January 2001 18:29:25 UTC