Collecting information from a client and sending it to the server

After looking over the specification, I have been unable to find any sort of
form element as there exists in HTML.  Undoubtedly, any web-based
application that will need to collect data from a user.  I am assuming that
it was left out of the specification to keep it cleaner, but how exactly
would approach this?  Would you embed html inside an SVG document or visa
versa?  It seems to me that SVG is capable of providing a totally immerse
environment that would be great for making a 'web based shopping
application' with interactive items that could be dragged and dropped into
your cart. (without the aid of HTML)  It seems like a feature that is
relevant, after all I believe Flash has various kinds of form elements...

Any thoughts?

Received on Saturday, 27 January 2001 12:29:29 UTC