RE: Native SVG support

> From:	James Kim []
> Hello, I was curious as when Microsoft IE and Netscape was going to have
> native support.  Our software company is considering the possibility of
> basing our next version on SVG technology.  But without native support on
> the standard browsers, that would be difficult.  Thanks.
I think it would be unrealistic to expect either of them to
answer that question in public, and probably not even under
NDA.  If they did give information, it would probably
have the same caveat as Microsoft have for betas, that features
amy be droppped before release.

My guess is that there is a chicken and egg situation, and they
are waiting to see if there is real market demand - how much material
have you seen for Microsoft's own VML?  They also need to find
a way of creating a revenue stream from SVG.

For Mozilla, which might form the basis of a Netscape offering,
<> suggests to me that they
are still at the feasability study stage.

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