Jasc WebDraw Preview Release 4 now available


Jasc Software is pleased to announce that an updated version of Jasc
WebDraw(tm) is now available for download.  Formerly released as Jasc
Trajectory Pro(tm), WebDraw is an innovative SVG authoring program featuring
standard graphic design tools, text-based source editing and a customizable
work environment.

WebDraw Preview Release 4 is available for Windows 98/NT4/2000/ME and may be
downloaded at:


Please note: this is a full version of WebDraw and not a patch to earlier
versions of Trajectory Pro. We recommend you remove any previously installed
copies of Trajectory Pro and restart your computer before installing Preview
Release 4.

Major new features and enhancements in WebDraw include:

* Integrated source code editor for text-based editing of SVG files
* Customizable display of SVG tags and attributes in Source view
* Filter effects editor for visual editing of SVG filters and filter
primitive properties
* Enhanced Select tool for easier object selection and deformations
* Support for displaying grids and guides
* Interface customization options, including user-defined keyboard shortcuts
and menus
* Significant program performance enhancements
* Support for the November 2, 2000 SVG 1.0 Candidate Recommendation

A more detailed description of new features and enhancements in this version
of WebDraw may be found in the "ReadMe" document installed with the program.

We hope you find Preview Release 4 to be an exciting update and a valuable
addition to your SVG toolkit. For your convenience, we've set up a forum for
discussion of current features and requests for future versions at:


Thank you for your continuing support as we develop this innovative new
program and support SVG technology!

Best regards,

ElShaddai Edwards
Product Manager
Jasc Software, Inc.

Received on Thursday, 18 January 2001 16:41:51 UTC