Re: [svg-developers] SVG & XPointer - An inconsistency? wrote:
> It seems to me that there is an inconsistency between the current SVG CR and
> the current XPointer WD.

I disagree, see below.

> The XPointer WD makes no mention, as far as I can find, of "image/svg+xml" as
> an Internet media type to which XPointer applies.

That is correct. It only makes reference to the generic media types for
xml, not any specific ones for particular applications of xml.

> However, the SVG CR in several places assumes that SVG implements (parts of)
> XPointer.

It does, but only part. The MIME registration for SVG (image/svg+xml) will,
among other things, specify which parts of XPointer are used for
stand-alone SVG files, in accordance with RFC 3023 (XML Media Types).

> The solution to this seeming inconsistency may be as simple as adding a
> mention of the Internet media type "image/svg+xml" to the XPointer
> specification.

No, because that type is not registered yet and also because other media
types will be registered for other xml applications in the future and we
can't keep updating the XPointer spec each time that happens. The correct
way to proceed is for registratiosn to reference XPointer, not the other
way round.


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