Re: radius in pixels, I don't get it...

The latest draft of the SVG specification changed the rules on units 
processing, making this test obsolete. The SVG working group is very close 
to releasing an updated version of the test suite which is consistent with 
the latest SVG draft specification. Until the new test suite is available, 
I recommend referring to the Nov. 2 specification rather than the current 
public test suite, which is was posted in June, I believe.

You have every right to complain about how slow the SVG working group has 
been in updating the test suite. We all apologize. But the delays haven't 
been because of lack of effort. We have invested lots of time in developing 
new tests and correcting existing tests over the past months. The delays 
have to do primarily with the amount of work in ensuring that the test 
suite is of good quality.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor

At 09:59 AM 1/16/01 +0100, Stephane Conversy wrote:
>I'm trying to implement an svg viewer, but I don't understand the test:
>especially the 3 skewed circles with radius expressed in user space
>units, pixels, and percentage.
>How exactly is the radius computed ? There is some discussion
>as comments in the test file, but it's still strange for me...
>First, the inverse matrix is computed.
>Then the length ot the diagonal of the viewport.
>Then something in relation with what could be the "translate"
>of the inverse matrix, then the radius.
>Could someone be kind enough to explain me what happens here ?
>I find the CR pretty vague on that subject...
>     stéphane.
>stephane conversy
>ecole des mines de nantes

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