"Scroll-free scrolling" - Is this the SVG WG position?

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> SVG has defined "SVGScroll" to mean either scroll or pan, which should be 
>  generalized to mean any shift in view regardless of the UI control used to 
>  achieve it, which is consistent with what Patrick says below.
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The SVG WG has widened the notion of "scrolling" to include "panning". OK, as 
long as people are aware of the change of meaning in context.

However, it also appears that the SVG WG is moving to the notion that what I 
term "scroll-free scrolling" is also a valid form of (in SVG parlance) 

If that is the SVG WG's considered position, then that goes far beyond 
broadening the meaning of what "scrolling" is. It fundamentally changes the 
meaning of the term.

Can you please clarify? Is the SVG simply broadening the meaning of 
"scrolling"? Or is it attempting to fundamentally change the meaning of the 
term, without (to the best of my knowledge) having publicly, hitherto, made 
that fundamental shift in meaning clear?

Thank you in advance.

Andrew Watt

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