RE: Does the SVG CR require a conforming viewer to provide scroll bars?

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> The globally recognised way to provide such scrolling within a web browser
> is 
> by means of scroll bars. Thus it seems to me that a conforming SVG viewer
> is 
> required to provide scroll bar facility for standalone SVG
> documents/document 
> fragments.
	[DJW:]  This is only true for windowing type GUI browsers,
	and even then, the convention is to use the window scrolling
	mechanism of the underlying GUI++, not necessarily scroll bars,
	although scroll bars do tend to be fairly universal at this 
	point in time==.

	SVG claims to be accessible, which means that non-visual browsers
	(as well as non-GUI image viewers##) may try to render more than
	the text.

	Is not the CSS2 "overflow" property relevant here.
++ Although NS 6 seems to use its own widgets.

## This could include the full screen mode of image viewers running under
   a GUI, as well as image viewers running without an underlying GUI.

== Taking things to extremes, maybe, I could conceive of a viewer that
   monitored brain activity to determine when to scroll.

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