Re: OT: exchange does not properly filter mails from to this l ist

Florian Kolbe wrote:
> Im trying to filter mails to this list with outlook/exchange, with the rule
> 'if recipient is', but this fails with mails that are sent
> directly from, i.e. Chris Lilleys.

I'm sorry about that. The mailer I uses (Netscape messenger) does not
implement the 'moderator bounce' function so I need to forward the mails
that are non-member and non-spam.

> I found a KB article that describes this problem (at least M$ document their
> bugs).
> Maybe someone else has this problem too? Has anyone found a different
> solution? (no, unfortunately I cannot switch mail clients)

And unfortunately I can't either, at least for now, since the number of
mailers that are cross platform and share the same mailbox format cross
platform (over win2k, macos, linux, solaris and irix) is rather small.

I will check and see whether Netscape 6 has a moderator bounce function.


Received on Thursday, 4 January 2001 05:19:46 UTC