Re: tspan

I think this is explained in the text layout section, particularly with the 
paragraphs starting with

Do you understand what happens with:

<text x="74" y="63.75" style="fill:blue">You are a not a banana</text>

If so, then just think about the intervening <tspan> as changing the color 
of the word "not" without impacting the layout.

<text x="74" y="63.75" style="fill:blue">You are a <tspan 
fill="blue">not</tspan> a banana</text>

The actual test case puts spaces inside the <tspan>, with 
xml:space="preserve", as follows:

<text x="74" y="63.75" style="fill:blue">You are a<tspan fill="blue" 
xml:space="preserve"> not </tspan>a banana</text>

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor

At 11:10 AM 2/28/01 +0100, Stephane Conversy wrote:
>Hello to all.
>in text-tspan-BE-02.svg
>we have:
><text x="74" y="63.75" style="fill:blue">
>     You are
>     <tspan style="font-weight:bold; fill:red" xml:space="preserve"> not
>     a banana.
>"a banana" is placed on the same base line than "You are" (i.e. same y)
>right after " not " (in the "x" sense) , but I couldn't find
>into the specs the rule for the placement of a PCDATA after a tspan
>that explain this behavior.
>Is there someone able to point me ?
>     stef
>stephane conversy
>ecole des mines de nantes

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