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> Andrew Watt wrote:
> > Last time I checked out XML+CSS it wasn't possible to use 
> CSS2 to display
> > an image together with XML. Has that gap now been filled?
> Last time I checked, XML was, from the start and all by 
> itself, capable of referencing images:
> <!DOCTYPE doc [
> <!NOTATION image-type SYSTEM "image-type-definition">
> <!ENTITY some-image SYSTEM "image-location" NDATA 
> image-type>
> <!ELEMENT doc (#PCDATA)>
> ]>
> <doc>&some-image;</doc>
> Whether and how the image displays is left to the application.  I 
> do not see why CSS would affect that.


It does seem to undermine the notion of separating content and presentation a 
little, don't you think?

Andrew Watt

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