RE: Please use better mail subjects

Good point, and not wishing to push off topic further, and at risk of
hijacking your own off topic:

Let's not forget to set our various email list subs to a mode where we
won't get overflowing mail boxes if we're going away anywhere for the
hols. Do these lists have any feature, like the Yahoo ones, where we can
set to 'no email' (thus read them on a list archive or page) and still
remain subscribed? I ask because it's a pain if your email inbox is
crammed full of 500 emails and you only want the 501st and you've only
got a Wap phone and a Pocket PC to do it with. Secondly, those that
aren't going anywhere won't appreciate the bounce emails on various

Thanks for your time. Cheers, Ian Tindale.

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Received on Tuesday, 18 December 2001 10:49:24 UTC