Re: Adobe don't support SVG fonts...

alexis wrote:
> Bug #1
> Support for external SVG fonts is broken (Adobe have confirmed this to me,
> it may just be with Windows plugin as I haven't tested it on a Mac).

Its the same on the Mac.

> No
> error is reported back to the user, but references to external SVG fonts
> are ignored and other fonts are substituted without warning.

This is correct - if a font is not available, the next in the list will
be substitited without generating an error. This is in conformance with
the SVG and CSS spec.

What *is* an error is not supporting SVG fonts; but Adobe SVG Viewer
does support them (as does batik and CSIRO (and thus X-Smiles)... 

What is a significant implementation deficiency, but not an actual
conformance error, is not supporting external SVG files (for fonts,
gradients, symbols ...). Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 does suffer from this
deficiency. Which is a significant limitation. For example, usage of
external CSS files is curtailed because gradients, cursors, filters etc
cannot be referenced. SVG fonts cannot be shared between pieces of
artwork. Symbols cannot be shared, etc.

Hmm since SVG Tiny says that external SVG references are not supported,
I think that SVG 1.1 should say explicitly that external SVG references
must be supported.

> If textLength/adjust mechanism was supported this would be a minor
> improvement but it isn't.

That would be bug #3, no?

> Most of the text I want to do is fully justified (in fact most text in the
> world is) and amazingly there is no way to do this with SVG. 

I believe you mean 'with Adobe SVG plugin version 3.0' rather than 'with

> Can anybody
> explain why??? Is it some kind of joke that I'm not in on???

Incomplete or inaccurate implementation is not a joke, no. I presume you
copied your bug reports to the appropriate Adobe feedback email address?


Received on Monday, 3 December 2001 13:22:04 UTC