Re: Can wireless devices support SVG?

Raju Chiluvuri wrote:

>         How big is the rendering engine for SVG? 

There is no single rendering engine. Each implementation can make
trade-offs regarding speed, size, memory foortprint, and output quality
within the bounds set by the SVG conformance requirements.

> Is it
> possible to make it independent and small enough to
> run on Cell phones and Hand-held wireless devices?

Cell phones - probably, depending on exactly how low the CPU and memory
goes and what the display capabilities are. Other hand held devices - yes,
clearly. I mean, when digitral cameras can contain web servers,or can play
DOOM on their color screens, SVG support should certainly be possible.

> Can it handle DOM manipulation of the Graphics
> element depending on user inputs or interactions?

It is certainly possible to make it do so, provided the DOM is optimised in
terms of memory footprint. For example, nothing in the DOMspec says that
everything has to be stored all the time - just made available when the
relevant API call is performed.


Received on Thursday, 14 September 2000 08:07:29 UTC