Re: Dynamic linking of SVG's

Maybe you could make a new SVG that just had links to all the files, new 
and old.
This would probably work with either use or image tags, but I'm not sure 
how this
would affect being able to use Javascript within the referenced SVG 
files.  I think the
way I would do it is to go with the use tag.  something like this possibly...

<use id="original" xlink:href="URL OF THE ORIGINAL SVG#SVG ELEMENT ID" />
<use id="new-svg-1" xlink:href="URL OF THE 1ST NEW SVG#SVG ELEMENT ID" />
<use id="new-svg-2" xlink:href="URL OF THE 2ND NEW SVG#SVG ELEMENT ID" />
and so on...

this would allow you to add more layers later as well.
if you just want to include the old file in the new one, you could probably 
do that too.

I think this would use the user's downloaded file for the file in the first 
use tag and retrieve
the other 2 files, but I'm not exactly sure.  If anyone knows if this 
wouldn't work, please
correct me.
Also, I think the newest SVG spec made some changes in how the use element 
certain things, so i'm not sure how that would affect things.

Hope this helps,

Received on Monday, 24 July 2000 12:58:12 UTC