CSS Units

I can not quite understand the relationship between CSS units and

Will the following svg generate a 1cm square, or a 2 cm square ?
I think it should be a 1 cm square, as the CSS units specify units in
the viewport space, 
but the IBM viewer shows a 2 cm square, and the CSIRO viewer can not
display it.

     <g transform="scale(2)">
       <rect x="1cm" y="1cm" width="1cm" height="1cm" />

In "7.12 Processing rules..." each paragraph ends with "and use that as
the value for the given operation".
What operation ?

The examples in the draft are very good, but I miss an example which
shows multiple viewports, 
multiple user spaces and multiple use of different units.

Received on Friday, 28 January 2000 05:21:01 UTC