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>Hello all,
>Thought I'd add my two cents on text width and height to the discussion.
>As an implementor of SVG,  it seems to me that making this information
>[optionally] available in the file may very well speed rendering  in some
>cases (I'm thinking tspans and such), and certainly would make migrating to
>SVG from other markup languages a little easier.  The danger of course is
>that there may not be a be an exact match on what is rendered and what is
>given/expected for a whole host of reasons (font matching comes to mind
>here first and foremost)....
>Mike Paolini

Regarding font matching, there is the option in SVG of expressing your font
data as "SVG fonts" (e.g., include <font> elements inside your SVG
document) so that the fonts rendered will have the same metrics as the
original fonts. (Of course, SVG fonts have some drawbacks, such as lack of
hinting and potentially larger file sizes as glyph outlines are expressed
as SVG path data.)

Beside SVG fonts, there is also the web font feature from CSS2, which is
part of the SVG specification (i.e., SVG supports the @font-face rule). The
problem with CSS2 web fonts is deciding which web font format to use, as
different implementations support different web font formats.

Jon Ferraiolo
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