Java binding for SVG DOM

Hello SVGsters!

Does anyone have a Java binding for the SVG DOM?

I had been doing one over the holidays (sad isn't it?) but
it started sending me crazy. Why?

It was taking me ages to convert from the IDL in the
specification to Java, because the SVG DOM is big and I hadn't
been finding it interesting enough to stop myself getting
distracted (it was holidays after all)!!

I guess I'm a bit more than half way through the process of
producing a Java binding for the 12-03 specification.

So I would love to hear if someone has already done it (or even
if they have some kind of XML representation of the DOM so that
I could translate it).

A DOM binding would help us get animation and scripting working.
I have been reluctant to implement other features of the SVG
specification without the DOM because I was worried about
having to reimplement too much once the DOM was present. 

Dean Jackson

Received on Thursday, 6 January 2000 18:57:39 UTC