Re: Adobe Illustrator 9 authors SVG

At 11:11 AM 4/20/00 , Laurence Penney wrote:
> > * Embed either Type1 or TrueType fonts in the SVG file using Adobe's CEF
> > (Compact Embedded Font) format, which supports fully hinting and kerning
> > Type1 fonts with superior compression characteristics
>Does it compress/subset TrueType fonts (preserving hinting of course)?
>-- Laurence Penney


When Illustrator 9 generates a CEF font from a TrueType font, Illustrator 
convertes the TrueType outlines to the CEF format, so there is no need to 
compress the resulting glyph data. However, Illustrator will subset the 
font based on the selection you make in the export dialog. Hinting is not 
preserved for TrueType fonts; hinting is only preserved when Type1 fonts 
are converted to CEF fonts.


Paton J. Lewis
Adobe Systems

Received on Thursday, 20 April 2000 17:36:22 UTC