RE: Print (PDF) Formatting of Spec - also, title elements

  Adobe understands the importance of CSS to its future business and is
taking appropriate action.  Adobe is participating the in CSS working group
as well as in the XSL working group.  Adobe is committed to making the
separation of style and content a reality.


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Subject: Re: Print (PDF) Formatting of Spec - also, title elements

Dave J Woolley wrote:
> > From: Chris Lilley []
> >
> > It *is* the html2ps tool, followed by distilling.
> >
>         [DJW:]  Unless it has been re-issued since
>         yesterday (I've just revalidated the URLs without
>         any change), it is using "Acrobat Web Capture 4.0",
>         as one step.

Aha. Well OK, *previously* it was using html2ps followed by distilling.

Yes, the current version of Web captutre does not understand CSS at all,
regardless of where you put the stylesheet. This might change - I encourage
interested parties to mail Adobe and ask for this feature, to demonstrate
customer demand. If there are other good things that htrml2ps does that
webcapture does not, likewise. But that is a bit outside the scope of this

> > It looks to me as if the headings are used to construct the TOC.
>         [DJW:]
>         Again, unless it was re-issued since yesterday,
>         the outline tree is compatible with having been
>         constructed from the title elements.

There is only one title per chapter, yet the expanded TOC has multiple
entries per chapter. However, since you pointed out that the title and the
h1 are the same for each chapter, perhaps that explains it.


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