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RE: Print (PDF) Formatting of Spec - also, title elements

From: Dave J Woolley <DJW@bts.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 14:58:08 +0100
Message-ID: <81E4A2BC03CED111845100104B62AFB58245A7@stagecoach.bts.co.uk>
To: "'www-svg@w3.org'" <www-svg@w3.org>
> From:	Chris Lilley [SMTP:chris@w3.org]
> It *is* the html2ps tool, followed by distilling.
	[DJW:]  Unless it has been re-issued since 
	yesterday (I've just revalidated the URLs without
	any change), it is using "Acrobat Web Capture 4.0",
	as one step.

> Something like "W3C SVG Specification: ,chaptername goes here>" for
> example?

> It looks to me as if the headings are used to construct the TOC.
	Again, unless it was re-issued since yesterday,
	the outline tree is compatible with having been
	constructed from the title elements.  (However,
	I seem to remember that html2ps has several choices
	in this area.)

> How would you tell, in a PDF document, what HTML element was where?
	html2ps generates "pdfmark"s to create an outline tree
	based on the Hn elements.  Like the tool currently used,
	it also generates the internal and external links as
	the PDF (pdfmark) equivalent.
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