New release of CSIRO SVG Toolkit

Hello SVG people.

Bella and I are glad to announce the latest
release of the CSIRO SVG Toolkit. Yes... the
name has changed because we have more than
just a SVG renderer now.

Current release is svgtoolkit-20000412

Features/Changes include:

- support for SVG DTD 20000303
  (including exchange and stylable SVG)
- A CSS2 parser from
- An SVG DOM Implementation (at last)
- Now use the opensource Xerces XML Parser (
- utilities to convert SVG to various image formats
  (requires Jimi
- pattern fills
- faster radial gradients
- transformation bugs fixed
- many more style attributes supported
- probably other things I've forgotten

In fact, nearly the entire thing has been rewritten.
Once the SVG conformance test is released we will aim to
get existing functionality working properly and then add
new features.

Downloads, instructions and detailed status at
(which currently redirects to


Received on Wednesday, 12 April 2000 10:34:51 UTC