Re: Entity references in path/transform data

Steve Dickson wrote:
> Some clarification please.  Is it considered valid to embed entity
> references within path and transform data?   I'm thinking along the
> following lines:
> <!ENTITY line "L 200 200">
> <!ENTITY trans "translate(100, 200)">
> <svg width="640" height="480">
>         <g transform = "&trans; rotate(30)">
>         <path d = "M 400 400 &line; M 300 300 &line; z"/>
>         </g>
> </svg>
> Can anyone point me to the relevant parts of the SVG/DOM specs that either
> preclude or sanction these types of constructs?  

You would look to the XML spec, not the SVG spec. Its either well formed
XML or it isn't. Anything which is well formed XML is legal. Go crazy with
nested entities if you wish. Just make sure the result is well formed.


Received on Monday, 10 April 2000 19:02:10 UTC