Usage questions on Adobe's SVG viewer

I've have two usage questions that may or not be Adobe viewer specific.

1. I'm a little at a loss on how to calculate a path in a Javascript fragment, I wanted to
do something like:

function Curve1_onload()
	//   of course I want to do something much more complicated
	curve.setAttribute("d","M 0 0 L 0.01 390");
<g style="stroke-width:5px; fill:none; stroke:blue;">
<path id="curve" d="M 0 0 L 0 0" onload="Curve1_onload()"/>

There are of course numerous things that I could be doing wrong.

2. I've tried to change the src attribute on an <embed> element in Internet Explorer 5, but the SVG control doesn't refresh.
Stepping through the script debugger shows the src attribute has changed, but the display isn't refreshed.

			Plot type: <select name="fatigueType" id="fatigueType" onchange="fatigueType_onChange()"><option value="1" selected>Cyclic Stress-Strain</option><option
<input name="checkbox1" type="checkbox" value="ON"><a href="details.html">&sigma;<sub>f</sub>'=676</a>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
					function fatigueType_onChange()
						document.all("FatiguePlot").src = "ntetra.svg";						
</td><td><embed src="cyclic.svg" ID="FatiguePlot" width="100%" height="400" type="image/svg"></embed></td>

I'd appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.

Received on Monday, 3 April 2000 19:18:44 UTC