Offline SVG?

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 > 36. Embedded components to achieve self-contained graphics files
 >     a. Images - There has been some strong initial feedback has been that
 >        SVG should provide for embedded images. The working group should
 >        collaborate with other working groups (e.g., XML) to investigate
 >        the feasibility of allowing for embedded images within an SVG
 >        drawing.
 >        EDITOR: Not in spec. With the performance improvements in HTTP 1.1,
 >        images can be referenced just as in HTML without significant
 >        performance penalty.

After reading the mailing list archives, I have yet to see what I consider
the most important arguments for embedded images and self-contained files:

  1. Renderers must support HTTP, FTP(?), and local data references. Each
     SVG implementation will depend on the network and file system APIs of
     the platform.
  2. Consistent rendering of SVG images requires that referenced elements
     do not change over time.
  3. Reliable rendering of SVG images requires that remote servers do not
     go offline, that hostnames do not change, and DNS is available.
  4. Offline viewing of SVG files requires referenced element be downloaded
     *and* addressed using a relative path.
  5. Streaming SVG and other files only benefits from HTTP improvements, but
     file access and caching are still affected.

I understand that this is a W3C effort, but I think that the current draft
imposes requirements to make SVG unsuitable for use outside of the Web. I
think these are compelling arguments to support "flattening" SVG image
trees into a standalone SVG file.

I'm interested in an open standalone vector format. While SVG is very
compelling, it simply won't work for my needs as it stands. Perhaps
SVG should be described as "Network Vector Graphics" format instead.

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