Re: SVG - will tools support it?

Andrew Wooldridge wrote:
> To Chris and other W3 members - have you received *any* word about if
> authoring tools like Illustrator, Freehand, Flash, etc.
> will actually support SVG? 

Yes I have heard some news. But until there are public announcements, I
can't speak for these companies.

>  And what about the browser folks?

Again, I can only wait until the three browser vendors who are
representwd on the SVG group make public announcements.

> SVG will be simply amazing in that it bridges text with graphics and
> vectors - but if the big tool makers dont support it, it's going to
> be dead before it can show it's mettle.

Sure. So, what interested folks can do is to send polite, informative
email to the makers of their favourite authoring tools and browsers,
demonstrating  that ther eis a real public need for this functionality.
In some cases, this will be old news and companies may just be polishing
up theri implementations; in other cases, this might be the first they
heard of it (especially for companies not represented in the WG of
course) but either way, demonstrable public clamouring for a feature is
allways a good thing in terms of getting developer resources allocated.

> also, will the w3 be releasing a "reference implementation" of an SVG
> viewer?

At this point we are not sure. Perhaps. In general we prefer to have a
tight spec rather thana loos sepc and "do whatever the reference code


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