Re: SVG requires a parser in a parser?

I fully support Pauls comment. After reading the CSS2 spec amd the DOM
description of CSS modelling, I even think that a style attribute, which in
effect is simply a string, actually complicates inheritence of individual style
elements. The implementor must track the string contents and merge the various
style attributes manually instaead of letting the DOM implementation do it for

My propoposal is therefore to have the contents of the style attribute as
attributes of the respective SVG objects.

Paul Prescod <> on 07/23/99 03:13:21 AM
>Chris Lilley wrote:
>> Recall that style can be specified on parent elements, in a style
>> element, or in an external style sheet, and will cascade in accordance
>> with the normal CSS rules. This is much easier to accomplish when using
>> the normal DOM 2 CSS Object Model, with a single style attribute which
>> is just one part of the complete cascade.
>CSS's inheritance and cascade rules are part of its *semantics*, not its
>*syntax*. In fact, one wouldn't know anything about inheritance from the
>BNF *at all*. Inheritance works perfectly well in languages that map
>properties to attributes. xml:lang is an example (even if its *semantics*
>are not implemented in the DOM or some other particular API).
>NOTE-XSL-and-CSS also depends upon semantic inheritance with properties as
>attributes. I don't see any connection at all.

Rainer Prosi
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Received on Friday, 23 July 1999 05:59:19 UTC