Re: SVG requires a parser in a parser?

Chris Lilley wrote:
> Recall that style can be specified on parent elements, in a style
> element, or in an external style sheet, and will cascade in accordance
> with the normal CSS rules. This is much easier to accomplish when using
> the normal DOM 2 CSS Object Model, with a single style attribute which
> is just one part of the complete cascade.

I do not know why you say this. I asked in a thread months ago but did not
hear from anything from you. You keep accusing me of re-starting this
debate but then we always get to the point where you almost understand
what I am proposing and then quit.

CSS's inheritance and cascade rules are part of its *semantics*, not its
*syntax*. In fact, one wouldn't know anything about inheritance from the
BNF *at all*. Inheritance works perfectly well in languages that map
properties to attributes. xml:lang is an example (even if its *semantics*
are not implemented in the DOM or some other particular API).
NOTE-XSL-and-CSS also depends upon semantic inheritance with properties as
attributes. I don't see any connection at all.

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