Re: Using template objects - request:

The SVG working group has to decide on a case-by-base basis whether a given
reference can be local, external or either. We haven't really tackled that
issue in any depth yet. I believe the intent is that the "either" approach
is preferred unless there is a compelling reason why only local or only
external references would be allowed.

In the case of template objects, I would expect that we'll end up deciding
on "either" (which means the template can either be defined within the same
SVG document or be a reference to a different SVG document). It is just too
useful in the case of templates to allow for external references, and I
don't see a good reason for restrictions.


At 01:11 PM 2/26/99 -0800, Andrew Wooldridge wrote:
>In section 4.4 it talks about using template objects. But the example is
>only using one template object from the same file in other locations in
>that file.  Is it indeed the case that I could have separate SVG files
>which I could point to via the USE tag?
>If so I would like to request that that is explicitly mentioned here in
><use xml:link="simple" show="embed" actuate="auto"
>href="" />
>This helps to eliminate ambigutity and helps with building dynamic svg
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