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Re: Turning off scaling?

From: Jon Ferraiolo <jferraio@Adobe.COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:04:52 -0800
Message-Id: <199902230001.QAA17616@mail-345.corp.Adobe.COM>
To: andreww@netscape.com (Andrew Wooldridge)
Cc: svg <www-svg@w3.org>
At 03:01 PM 2/22/99 -0800, Andrew Wooldridge wrote:
>In Flash you can tell the image "not" to scale with the document - is
>(will be) this possible with SVG?
>I imagine it would work just like images where if the width and height
>are relative (%) then it scales and if absolute then it doesnt?

I agree that this is a requirement.

When an SVG drawing/fragment is part of a parent's XML/CSS page, you define
the box for the SVG drawing/fragment using CSS positioning. Thus, the box
for the SVG drawing can be defined just like images (i.e., percentages or
absolute width/height). In the following example, the <g> element is an SVG
fragment which is given a width of 10% of the width of its containing block
(i.e., the frame) and a height of 300 pixels:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<MyXMLPage xmlns="...">
   <!-- Now include an SVG fragment -->
   <g xmlns="...svg..."
         style="width: 10% height: 300px">
         <!-- Contents of the SVG fragment ... -->

In the WG, we are also talking about adding a capability such that SVG
drawings can be self-sizing (i.e., the contents of the drawing determine
how how to compute content-width and content-height): images can be
self-sizing, so it seems very graphics should, also.

Once you have defined your box for the SVG drawing/fragment, then you get
to control whether the SVG drawing/fragment should scale to fit the box, or
whether it should stay a particular size no matter what. The main way that
you get an SVG drawing/fragment to scale to fit is the 'transform:
fit(...)' property (see section 8.7 in the current draft spec).

Jon Ferraiolo
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Member of SVG working group
Received on Monday, 22 February 1999 19:02:24 UTC

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