First of I would like to compliment the SVG working group with their
first working draft. I think it's a solid foundation for a good w3c

You asked for public feedback in the animation chapter.

I find myself writing the same script over and over again:
a function for the mouseover event which changes some properties
and a function for mouseout which changes these values back to their
original value.

For style sheets this can be partly done with the :hover pseudo element,

but sadly this only works with the A element.

So what I need is a way to provide an alternate look when the mouse
over an object.

Another way is to have the browser record the animation on a mouseover
and to let it play in reverse on a mouseout event.

Kind Regards,

Sjoerd Visscher -
Locosoft bv -
The Netherlands

Received on Friday, 12 February 1999 18:03:24 UTC