Re: When will SVG become proposed recommendation?

Andrew Wooldridge wrote:
> Isn't it the case that a lot of implementations out there are holding
> off on releasing because SVG hasnt been finalized?

That could well be true. Certainly, we don't advise shipping products to
implement W3C working drafts unless they clearly mark such facilities as
experimental, beta, technology preview and so forth because otherwise 
there is a legacy support nightmare.

> What is the
> timeline for moving to the next step?

We are currently wainting for some of our normative references to move
to the last call phase- XLink (XPointer already moved there), and SMIL
Animation. DOM Level 2 is already at Candidate Recommendation, which is
another normative reference from SVG. We expect these last calls to
happen in the near future, although I can't pre-announce dates on their

In the mean time we are polishing the wording in the spec and ensuring
it has the most thorough review possible, and that we have correctly
dealt with all comments arising from our own last call.

So, unfortunately I can't give you an exact date for SVG moving to
Proposed Rec, but it is not long off and already the breadth of
implementation experience is very good. 

Organisations who are planning to have SVG support in shipping products
once it is a Recommendation are advised to begin implementation straight
away, based on the 3 December draft, because the effort of tracking
changes between that and the final Recommendation will be considerably
less than the effort of starting from scratch on the day it becomes a

I will of course post news and updates to
as soon as there is news.


Received on Friday, 17 December 1999 12:33:30 UTC