CorelDRAW 9 SVG filter Beta 3

The third Beta release of the SVG export filter for CorelDRAW 9 users is
available for download at
This beta version of the SVG export filter is suitable for developers
working with SVG-aware applications and technical users who are
interested in exploring the SVG file format and evolving Internet

SVG Beta 3 Filter Information

Date: Nov. 18, 99
Size: 114 688 bytes
Version: 9.398.017

To determine the version of the beta filter you are currently using,
right-click the IESVG91.FLT file in your Filters folder where CorelDRAW
is installed and choose Properties. The file version will be indicated
on the Version page after selecting the Product Version item.  Windows
NT users can verify version by comparing file size and/or modified date
of the IESVG91.flt file.

For more information or to download the latest SVG export file filter,
(svgfilt.EXE - 194KB)

The use of this file filter requires that one of the following
applications is installed.

CorelDRAW 9 Suite
CorelDRAW 9: Office Edition
CorelDRAW 9: Premium Color Edition

SVG filter readme changes

With earlier Corel SVG Beta filter releases, the readme was only
available at the time of filter install.   With the Beta 3 release, an
SVG_readme.htm will be placed in the \filters sub-folder of the
CorelDRAW 9 installation folder. (eg. \Graphics9\filters)   A shortcut
to the readme file will be placed in your Windows start menu under
CorelDRAW 9's Setup and Notes group.   Refer to this readme for a
listing of current limitations and capabilities of the Corel SVG export

Please post your feedback and bug reports to the coreldevelopers.svg
newsgroup on the server.

Thank you for your interest in CorelDRAW's SVG capabilities.

Haroon Sheikh

Received on Wednesday, 15 December 1999 07:24:40 UTC