Comments on XML Schema that would enable validation of SVG paths

> I've posted two comments
> (
> 38.html and
> 9.html) on the XML Schema comments mailing list when combined would allow
> schema compliant parsers to validate the path data attributes (among many
> other constructs).  
> That is that the parser would be able to detect that
> <path d="M 100 100 L 140 100 L 120 140 z"/> 
> is valid and
> <path d="M 100 L 140 100 L 120 140 z"/> 
> is invalid.
> However, this requires that the schema workgroup support the concept of a
> list datatype or qualifer which the working group has rejected as outside
> of their goals for the first public release (see
> 5.html).  However, the concept of list datatypes appears not only in SVG,
> but also appears in XSLT and in XML 1.0.  The lists in XML 1.0 are
> supported by "special" legacy types IDREFS and NMTOKENS.  Having a
> generalized support for list seems more simple than supporting IDREFS and
> NMTOKENS but discouraging their use.  I believe that the proposals in the
> comments are reasonable, generally useful and easy to implement.
> In the spirit of Tim Berners-Lee "Schemas coming of age" message
> I'd urge you to consider the benefits of a more complete validation of SVG
> and work across the group boundaries to get it fixed.
> At the present time, the Schema group is under deadline to produce the
> next public draft (due December 16th).  After that document is released
> (or based on interim versions that you may have), I'd suggest that a group
> attempt to craft an XML Schema for SVG and strongly lobby for appropriate
> enhancements that would greatly improved the effectiveness of schema
> validation.

Received on Thursday, 9 December 1999 13:05:23 UTC